What is the best Convertible Wind deflector

This question is not easy to answer, because it depends on several factors. However, we can help you a long way by highlighting a number of very important product features of a windshield. The following properties are important:

  1. Material windshield and windshield mesh
  2. Fit
  3. Finishing and fixing



The purpose of the convertible windshield

To determine what makes a good windshield really good, we must first mention the advantages of the windshield.

Because your vehicle drives forward, a wind current is created. The wind will pass over the car via your hood and windshield and return to the cabin via the rear. Wind turbulence will increase, especially at high speeds. A good convertible windshield reduces the turbulent air created by driving with the roof open. A windshield catches this wind. This way you prevent a stiff neck and messy hair. The convertible ride becomes quieter and more comfortable, with a good windshield you can still drive open even at lower temperatures. 

A windshield is designed to break the airflow, not block it. The air flow is diverted, resulting in a more pleasant drive, less noise and less cold when driving with the roof open.



Material windshield mesh

The mesh is the most important part of a windbreak. The type of mesh used has a major impact on the effectiveness of the screen. A good wind net has a weight of 50g/m2 and a mesh size of 1mm, for example, chicken wire stops almost no wind.

The right material ensures a wind and noise reduction of up to 80%. By using 100% polyester wind gauze, the gauze even stretches a little. This ensures that the wind is optimally captured. It is important that the wind can pass through the mesh and is slowed down. A completely closed windshield, or a windshield with a mesh size that is too small, can cause the screen to vibrate.




A good windbreak has a mesh with a mesh size of 1mm and a weight of 50g/m2 (right).


The fit of a windshield: left screen is crooked, right windshield is tight and straight..

Fit convertible windshield

The fit is of course also an important aspect when comparing the different providers. You are looking for a windshield that fits nicely. A windshield with a poor fit can be disruptive while driving. This is because it can rattle, or because it functions insufficiently and reduces too little wind, making the screen useless.

What should you pay attention to when comparing?

As an example, you can ask the following questions:

  1. Can the convertible top be opened with the windshield in place?
  2. Does the windshield fit well against the interior?
  3. Does the windshield use original mounting preparations?
  4. Connect the windshield mounting securely in the interior, with as little play as possible.



Installation in the convertible

How is a windshield attached? This varies per type of convertible, but there are also different versions on the market within these mounting types. Consider differences in quality, application and finish. The difficulty of installation is also important. Does the supplier provide clear instructions? How long does installation take? Can the installation be carried out by one person? Numerous questions that determine whether you have the right windshield.

In many cases, the type of installation has already been determined by the car manufacturer. Where many classic convertibles have a holder system, such as a Mercedes W113 Pagode. Are there also car brands with a ready-made clamping system, such as the current BMW models. Finally, there are convertibles with a combination of the clamping system and holder system.

Different mounting methods:

  1. Velcro straps around roll bars.
  2. Click system with extension pins (is your convertible already equipped with mounting caps?).
  3. Holder system.
  4. Tightening strap system.
  5. Combination of the above.

It is therefore important that the mounting system fits seamlessly with the car manufacturer's system. If it is not perfectly adapted to this system, there is a chance that the windshield can damage the interior, or that it can slide and rattle while driving.



A high-quality mounting (right) is beautifully concealed and ensures a sturdy mounting.



A straight cut leather, with double stitching (right) Velcro fastening is made of a wide material and is extra firmly mounted to the screen.

Click system with protruding parts (left) versus a click system with concealed pins (right).

Finishing of the windshield

The finish of the windshield often reveals the quality of the windshield, and the finish is also the first thing you notice when comparing windshields. The quality, craftsmanship and materials used are clearly visible to the naked eye. You will have to experience the actual operation.

You are looking for a high-quality finish that is comparable to the interior of your convertible. Consider the material used, the stitching, the color and the thickness of the material. A high-quality windshield has a sleek finish, has a strong (double) stitching seam, has no protruding parts and is of the same quality (and color) ) material made as your interior.

Windshield maintenance

Definitely worth mentioning, how should you maintain the windshield? 

You have now been using the windshield for a while and the windshield may become dirty from rides with an open roof, or there may be greasy fingers on the leather because you fold and unfold the screen. 
A good windshield is almost maintenance-free. The most obvious, it gets dusty. This can be prevented by storing the windshield in a bag when the screen is not mounted in the convertible. You can purchase this bag in size and ensures that the screen remains neat and clean. If the windshield does become dirty, it can be wiped off with a slightly damp cloth; do not let the screen dry in the scorching sun!

The hinge of the vertical part sometimes loosens a bit after years of use. In that case you can loosen the plastic cap on the side (if present) and tighten the underlying bolt. This way the windshield can be used for years to come!

Sometimes the windshield mesh can "wave" a bit over time. The continuous tension while driving causes the mesh to stretch slightly locally. This can be remedied by heating the waves from the wind mesh with a warm hairdryer (not hot).