General conditions

1. General
1.1 These general conditions apply to all agreements between Cabrio Supply B.V. and the customer. By placing an order, the customer indicates to agree to our delivery and/or payment conditions. The agreement becomes effective at the time of acceptance of the offer and by the customer’s compliance to the corresponding conditions.
1.2 In the event of changed insights Cabrio Supply B.V. may at any time adjust its delivery and/or payment conditions. These conditions apply to every agreement between Cabrio Supply B.V. and the customer to which Cabrio Supply B.V. has declared these conditions applicable. This insofar the parties have not explicitly deviated from these conditions in writing.
1.3 The goods offered are depicted and described as clearly as possible.

2. Prices
2.1 As long as the agreement has not become effective, Cabrio Supply B.V. is at any time authorized to change the prices mentioned in the online shop and the further conditions.
2.2 All prices in the online shop are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of the shipping costs. The costs for shipping are shown in the menu 'Shipping Costs' and also in the shopping cart.

3. Payment
3.1 Payment is made by “Ideal”, Credit card, PayPal or advance payment via bank or giro account and must have been made within 8 days after an order has been placed and therefore the purchase agreement has been concluded, failing which Cabrio Supply B.V. will be entitled to charge statutory interest to consumers and statutory commercial interest to business consumers.

4. Delivery
4.1 When the payment has been made and has been received by Cabrio Supply, your package will be put together with the items you ordered. In general, items ordered before 15:00 hours will be sent the same day. Orders will be delivered by DPD (within EU) or UPS (outside EU) at the address indicated by the customer.
4.2 If you are not at home when the delivery service is at the indicated address, a message will be left stating how you can schedule a new delivery. After two unsuccessful delivery attempts, your order will be returned to Cabrio Supply B.V. In this case, please contact us and we will send you your order again against payment of the additional shipping costs.
4.3 Despite all the care we take with orders, it may happen that an order is not delivered or is delivered incomplete. In that case you can report this to us by email until 14 days after your order and, where applicable, the delivery will be supplemented or carried out once more at our expense.
4.4 Cabrio Supply B.V. bears the risk of damage and loss of the items during transport. After the items have been received by the customer, the risk of damage and loss passes to the customer.
4.5 Cabrio Supply B.V. is authorized to change the order if it concerns modifications that imply a qualitative or an improved functionality of the product. The applicability of section 7:755 of the Civil Code is expressly excluded.

5. Retention of title
5.1 Delivered articles remain the property of Cabrio Supply B.V. until you have met all your (payment) obligations. This applies regardless of for which delivered item the payment obligation has arisen.
5.2 As soon as the customer is in breach of any obligation whatsoever, Cabrio Supply B.V. is irrevocably authorized to take back from the customer the items that remained the property of Cabrio Supply.

6. Right of return
6.1 If the customer wants to return an uninstalled/unused/undamaged/unsoiled item, this can be done by sending your return notification to within 365 days after receipt. You will then receive instructions to return the unassembled and undamaged item with all original labels attached to it in the original, undamaged packing to:

Cabrio Supply B.V.
Talhoutweg 7
8171 MB Vaassen
The Netherlands

The customer has the option to take the product out of the packaging, to examine, assess and fit it without causing any damage or traces of use. In short, you may try out the product as you would do in a store.

Excluded from returns:
a. Items that have been personalized on the customer’s request such as printed items or custom-made items.
b. Items that have been taken into use with visible traces of use.
c. Sale items, heavily discounted items due to an outlet offer or a limited offer.
d. Goods that have been in the customer’s possession for more than 365 days.
e. Installation, fitting and assembly costs.
f. Costs for a special shipping option, such as evening delivery, weekend delivery or time-slot delivery.
6.2 Prior to the return shipment Cabrio Supply B.V. must be informed by email of the shipment, failing which the receipt of the shipment will be refused. The email address is:
6.3 Within 5 days after receipt of your return shipment Cabrio Supply B.V. will pay back the purchase amount minus the shipping costs. The shipping costs for the return of an item are for your own account and may be deducted from the amount to be credited.
6.4 We do not take receipt of unpaid shipments.
6.5 In the event of a return shipment, the customer bears the transport risk. After the items have been received by Cabrio Supply BV, the risk of damage and loss passes to Cabrio Supply BV.
6.6 In the event of a cancellation of a custom-made soft-top, tonneau cover, headliner,  Custom Cover car cover, while it is already in production, a down payment of 50% applies, which will not be credited.
6.7 Cabrio Supply is not allowed to take back a installed, soiled, visibly used or damaged soft-top, headliner, tonneau cover or car cover.
6.8 Discoloration of the soft-top or car cover is not a reason for return or warranty and Cabrio Supply is not allowed to take it back.
6.9 SALE items, which are in the clearance sale, may not be returned with refund of the purchase amount. These SALE items may only be exchanged for an item with an equivalent price or for an item with a higher price with additional payment.

7. Liability and warranties
7.1 Cabrio Supply B.V. is not liable for the advice provided by it, any incorrect information on the website and/or printing and typesetting errors on promotional material or technical details provided by suppliers or producers.
7.2 Cabrio Supply B.V. gives no warranties for the content and operation of the website. Cabrio Supply B.V. does not accept any liability for defects in this website, problems with calling up and ordering items.
7.3 Exclusion from liability does not apply to damage due to intent or gross negligence on the part of Cabrio Supply B.V. or persons for whom it is legally liable and this liability cannot be excluded, in which case the liability is limited to compensation of direct damage to persons or property, not including loss of data.
7.4 Cabrio Supply B.V. is not liable for (indirect) damage arisen during the use of our products. The products do not cause any damage with reasonably 'normal use' according to the instructions given.
7.5 Warranty is issued on:
a. Broken stitching seams, with normal use (2 years)
b. Seals that come loose (2 years)
c. Breathability capacity, membrane functioning (5 years)
d. Defective bag, zipper and handles excluded (2 years)
e. UV resistance (2 years)
f. Printing (2 years)
7.6 Warranty is not issued on:
a. Damages due to incorrect or incompetent use
b. Water repellency, for this purpose the soft-top and/or cover must be treated periodically by the customer in accordance with the maintenance instructions determined by Cabrio Supply B.V.
c. Zipper and handles of the bag.

8. Force majeure
8.1 In addition to the provisions in section 6:75 of the Civil Code force majeure means: Extraordinary circumstances, such as among other things storm damage and other natural disasters, full or partial strikes by third parties or government, riots, war or danger of war both in the Netherlands and also in the country of origin of the materials, exclusions, loss or damage of goods during transport to Cabrio Supply B.V. or the customer, failure to deliver goods, to deliver goods properly or in due time by suppliers of Cabrio Supply B.V., export and/or import bans or restrictions, full or partial mobilization, obstructive measures of any government, fire, malfunctions and accidents in the business or means of transport of Cabrio Supply B.V., or in the means of transport of third parties, the imposition of levies or other government measures that entail a change in the actual circumstances, cause force majeure to Cabrio Supply B.V., which releases it from its obligation to deliver without the customer being able to enforce any right to compensation of whatever nature and by whatever name. In these or similar cases Cabrio Supply B.V. is entitled, entirely at its own discretion, to dissolve or suspend the agreement with the customer, respectively to amend it until the force majeure situation has disappeared.
8.2 Cabrio Supply B.V. is also entitled to rely on force majeure if the circumstance that prevents (further) fulfilment commences after Cabrio Supply B.V. should have fulfilled its obligation.
8.3 During force majeure the delivery and other obligations of Cabrio Supply B.V. are suspended. If the period in which fulfilment of the obligations by Cabrio Supply B.V. is impossible due to force majeure lasts longer than 3 months, both parties will be empowered to dissolve the agreement without there being an obligation for compensation or reversal.
8.4 If at the commencement of force majeure Cabrio Supply B.V. has already met its obligations partially, or can only meet its obligations partially, it is entitled to deliver the already delivered or deliverable part separately. However, this does not apply if the part already delivered or deliverable has no independent value.

9. Privacy
9.1 General visitor data is recorded on the website of Cabrio Supply B.V. The purpose of this is to optimize the layout of the website for you. The data may also be used to put more specific information and offers for you on the site. In this way we can further optimize our services to you.
9.2 We use established legislation when using your personal data. Cabrio Supply B.V. only uses the data of the customer for (internal) marketing purposes, such as sending newsletters.
9.3 Cabrio Supply B.V. will under no circumstance pass on your data to third parties. At the customer’s first request the personal data of the customer will be removed.

10. Other provisions
10 All agreements between Cabrio Supply B.V. and the customer are subject to Dutch law. For business customers only the court in whose district Cabrio Supply is established has jurisdiction. For consumers the relevant court in the Netherlands has jurisdiction. If the translation of the general conditions leads to misunderstandings or misinterpretation the verbatim applicability of the Dutch version of the general conditions of Cabrio Supply will prevail.

11. Printing
11 Our covers can be printed by Cabrio Supply B.V. When the customer chooses to have the cover printed, it can no longer be taken back by Cabrio Supply B.V.

Cabrio Supply B.V.
Talhoutweg 7
8171 MB Vaassen
The Netherlands

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