Comfort Roof Control Module for

  • BMW 3 Series Convertible (E93)
  • BMW Z4 Roadster (E89)


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    We explicitly point out that all functions of this control unit should be used only while exercising caution and responsibility. We can NOT be held liable for any damage or injury caused by installing or using this product.
    Important Information. READ BEFORE INSTALLING!
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    This module comes with our USB Field Upgrade and Configuration Port! We recommend connecting it to a computer BEFORE YOU INSTALL and using our support app "m4cconnect" to do a quick firmware update check. M4cconnect as well as all other information regarding USB update and configuration can be found at You can even configure and activate your favorite module functions and settings on screen before the module is installed in the car! It is a good idea to permanently install the USB cable with the module in the car, leaving the computer plug in an easily accessible spot for later use with a Wifi/3G/4G connected laptop.
    The green DATA LED signals a correct installation and shows the status of the module.

  • Ignition OFF: CAN bus and module are in low-power standby mode. This is normal.
  • Ignition ON: Either power connection or CAN bus connection is interrupted. Check the two wire taps for power and ground as well as the CAN connectors. Also make sure the CAN polarity is correct.
    LED either dimly lit or flickering erratically
  • A dim or flickering LED is an indicator for interrupted or missing POWER or GROUND connections. The module will get some leakage current from the CAN bus which causes the LED to stay dimly lit or flicker erratically. See previous paragraph about wire taps if applicable!
    LED permanently ON
  • Module is connected to CAN and power, but does not receive the correct data. Recheck all connections thoroughly. A VERY COMMON source of problems is reversed polarity on the CAN wires. Double-check the POLARITY and wire-colors of all connections!
    LED blinks
  • CAN bus is active, the module is connected correctly and ready for use.
  • Installation - Steps 1-3
    1. IMPORTANT: Turn off ignition and pull key before installing! Flip down backseat-backrest.
    2. Remove rear right cushioned side part of the back seat by pulling in the direction of the arrow.
    3. Pull to the middle and access the white latching mechanism with a screw driver to disengage it. Lift backrest up, unhook side part on the bottom, then flip backrest back down.
    Installation - Steps 4-6
    4. Remove outer plastic ring by pulling. It will slide off. Do not remove the torx screw in the middle of the rubber core.
    5. Along the left side of the carpeted back-board are plastic bolts that can only be removed after the center piece (core) was pulled out. Next pull hard on the top edge of the back-board to disengage the reusable bolt (1) along the top from the metal frame underneath.
    6. Locate the roof controller box (1) directly behind the board (white box sitting upright in a slot in the upper left corner behind the back-board with several plugs connected to it) and remove the long black plug (2) in the middle. To remove the plug, the small latch in the middle needs to be depressed while the locking lever is pushed upwards. We advise looking at this mechanism on the identical wiring harness plug in order to understand its function and to get the plug off easily while working in the narrow and cramped space behind the back board!
    Installation - Steps 7-9
    7. Install the supplied wiring harness by first plugging the corresponding plug into the socket on the top controller. Make sure the latch lever locks it into place.
    8. Connect the original plug to the socket on the wiring harness (1) and also make sure the lever (2) comes all the way up and latches into place. Connect the SmartTOP module to the plug on the harness (3). The green LED on the module should light up briefly (module starts up) and after a quick tap on the unlock button on the remote, should blink in a regular pattern (data bus activity).
    9. Stow the module and connectors in the corner, then re-install the back-board and side piece. Done. We recommend leaving the USB cord connected to the module and accessible (behind back rest or under back seat) for later firmware updates or easy module configuration with a laptop.